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D81.21 - Objectives of SP8

: Vollmer, Maike; Frech, Isabelle; Hayes, Ben; Lindner, Rene; Albrecht, Philipp; Birkman, Laura; Swart, Linette de; Tagarev, Todor; Ratchev, Valeri

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Created on: 27.2.2015

Euskirchen, 2014, 17 pp.
European Commission EC
DRiving InnoVation in crisis management for European Resilience
Report, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer INT ()
supporting analysis; capabilities; organisations; policy; legislations; standardisation; economic model

This deliverable sets out the objectives of SP8 of the DRIVER project in the context of the overall concept, scientific objectives and the core methodologies that the project will employ. The report provides background information and sets out the aims and objectives of each of the five SP8 work packages (WPs).The mainobjective of WP81 is to coordinate all of the activities in SP8 and liaise with the other SPs where necessary. The main objective of WP82 is to provide high-level analysis of the procedural, organisational and institutional actors and processes involved in crisis management in Europe (Member States, EU and UN-level); themain objective of WP83 is to provide high-level analysis of the governance, policy and legislative issues. WP82 and WP83 have both been designed to support the development of the DRIVER Portfolio of Tools and the subsequent experiments and will employ a common methodology with respect to information gatheringand analysis. Both work packages will produce recommendations for the development of EU crisis management policy based on the R&D produced by the DRIVER project. The objective of WP84 is to examine, on the basis of the results of DRIVER’s activities – particularly in SP2-5 and SP9 – whether new areas of crisis management should be subject to new standardisation activities on European level, or whether existing standards should be amended. The objective of WP85 is to build the economic model and plans supporting the sustainability of the DRIVER Test-bed, exploitation of the DRIVER Portfolio of Tools, and the provision of legal advice in the context of new crisis management tools and techniques.