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Optimization of the synthesis of boron suboxide powders

: Ogunmuyiwa, Enoch N.; Johnson, Oluwagbenga T.; Sigalas, Iakovos; Herrmann, Mathias; Afolabi, Ayo Samuel

Ao, S.I. ; International Association of Engineers -IAENG-:
World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science, WCECS 2014. Vol.2 : International Conference on Computational Biology 2014, International Conference on Chemical Engineering 2014, International Conference on Communications Systems and Technologies 2014, International Conference in Modeling Health Advances 2014, International Conference on Machine Learning and Data Analysis 2014, International Conference on Modeling, Simulation and Control 2014, International Conference on Systems Engineering and Engineering Management 2014. San Francisco, USA, 22 - 24 October, 2014
Hong Kong: IAENG, 2014 (Lecture notes in engineering and computer science)
ISBN: 978-988-19253-7-4
World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science (WCECS) <2014, San Francisco/Calif.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
boron suboxide; crystallinity; morphology; synthesis

B6O powders were produced from the reaction between boric acid and amorphous boron powders at the reaction temperatures between 300 and 1400°C for 6 hours. The powders produced were characterized in terms of particle size, phase analysis and composition, product yield as well as morphology. Increase in temperature increases both the yield as well as the particle size of the produced powders. XRD pattern obtained also showed improved crystallinity of the produced powder as the temperature increases. SEM image obtained at higher temperature clearly showed improved crystalliniry (star-like crystals) as the reaction temperature was increased. The B6O powders synthesised at 1300°C for 6 hours had the optimum yield of over 95%.