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DeGeN - Measurement vehicle for radioactive and nuclear material

Poster presented at 4th European IRPA Congress 2014, June 23rd to June 27th 2014, Geneva, Switzerland
: Köble, Theo; Berky, Wolfram; Chmel, Sebastian; Friedrich, Hermann; Risse, Monika; Rosenstock, Wolfgang; Schumann, Olaf

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2014, 1 Folie
International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA European Congress) <4, 2014, Geneva>
Poster, Electronic Publication
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The measurement system DeGeN comprises gamma and neutron detectors with high sensitivity suitable for detecting radioactive and nuclear (RN) material. Because of the high sensitivity, even minor changes of the natural background radiation can be registered which is tremendously important for the discrimination between the presence of actual RN material and mere modifications of the natural background. Knowledge about such a discrimination is absolutely necessary in order to be able to evaluate the measurement results correctly. Questionable results which could lead to wrong response measures are more likely to be prevented then.