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Ambient intelligence in smart homes: From component design to service design

: Grinewitschus, V.; Bögel, G. vom; Scherer, K.

MST News (2005), No.5, pp.12-14
ISSN: 0948-3128
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IMS ()
ambient intelligence; smart home; intelligente Umgebung; intelligente Haustechnik; Altenpflege; Haustechnik

During their work at the inHaus-Innovation Center engineers have noticed that different trends in society change requirements concerning technical equipment and infrastructure in private homes. These trends are: ageing of society, requirement for lifelong, computer-aided learning, increase in telework, increase in health care costs, increase in energy costs. As a consequence, information technology in private homes is becoming more and more important and will form the basis for new applications and services. Various research teams throughout the world are working in the smart home field today. They are developing technology systems for new services and applications. The focus is increasingly changing from the "development of components" to the "development of services". The situation is not characterized by a lack of basic technologies, but by a lack of complete system solutions that are easy to handle and easy to install.