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Adaptive interface development for the mobile user

: Blechschmitt, E.

TESI 2005. Conference Proceedings. CD-ROM : Training, Education & Simulation International
Maastricht, 2005
9 pp.
Training, Education & Simulation International Conference (TESI) <2005, Maastricht, Netherlands>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
mobile computing; human-computer interaction; HCI; adaptive dialogue; dialog modeling

The availability of mobile network services and the popularity of mobile end-devices suggest the development of mobile application programs which can migrate from one device to another. Such programs offer the user to benefit from a higher degree of freedom in terms of tasks which can be accomplished by the utilisation of different device types. The market for mobile devices is characterized by the diversity of human interfaces design concepts. The efficient use of such programs depends on the provision of a common runtime environment which automatically adapts an abstract described interface to any device. This approach reduces the effort on common interface developments regarding the support of various device types. The user will recognise the abstract dialog structure among different adapted interfaces. The usability of mobile programs is considerably enhanced by reducing the cognitive load of the user. The system described in this paper automatically generates interfaces for various devices on the basis of a given abstract dialog structure.