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Policy pathways for reducing energy demand and carbon emissions of the EU building stock until 2030

D4.4 of WP4 from Entranze Project (Policies to enforce the transition to nearly Zero Energy Buildings in the EU-28)
: Steinbach, Jan; Kockat, Judit; Rohde, Clemens; Kranzl, Lukas; Müller, Andreas; Toleikyte, Agne; Hummel, Marcus; Sebi, Carine; Keramidas, Kimon; Lapillonne, Bruno

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ENTRANZE Consortium, 2014, 120 pp.
Report, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer ISI ()

This report provides an overview of selected policy packages and their potential impact in several EU Member States. The scenarios cover the whole EU-28. However, not all activities were carried out at the same level of detail for all Member States (MS). In nine ENTRANZE target countries, the selection of policy packages was carried out in close cooperation and discussion with policy makers in a continuous dialogue. Although the specific design of policies differs by countries, there is a common logic: Scenario 1 refers to a moderate ambitious scenario according to current national and EU legislation, Scenario 2 and 3 are more ambitious, innovative and stringent policy packages.