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Latent heat and cold storage in a solar-driven steam jet ejector chiller plant

: Pollerberg, Clemens; Kauffeld, Michael; Oezcan, Tunay; Koffler, Matthias; Hanu, Lucian George; Dötsch, Christian

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Energy Procedia 30 (2012), pp.957-966
ISSN: 1876-6102
International Conference on Solar Heating and Cooling for Buildings and Industry (SHC) <1, 2012, San Francisco/Calif.>
Journal Article, Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer UMSICHT Oberhausen ()
solar cooling; Steam Jet Ejector Chiller (SJEC); latent heat storage; phase change material (PCM); phase change slurry (PCS)

This paper presents a plant concept of a solar-driven steam jet ejector chiller with latent heat and cold storage. The concept will be realized in a first demonstration plant. The solar cooling plant will consist of a solar collector field based on evacuated tube collectors with a thermal output of 200 kW, a double stage steam jet ejector chiller with a cooling capacity of 80 kW and two thermal energy storage units, meaning a heat storage unit using polyethylene as latent heat storage medium and a cold storage unit using a paraffin/water dispersion as latent cold storage fluid. While designing the solar cooling plant some preliminary research works have been accomplished with special regard to the development and integration of the heat and cold storage units. The results of this research as well as the overall design of the system will be presented in this paper.