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Optische Ermittlung der Planlage von Folienbahnen

Optical measurement of the flatness of film webs
: Pamin, Steffen; Claus, Ronald

Coating international 47 (2014), No.10, pp.22-25
ISSN: 0590-8450
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IVV ()

The production of web film today is increasingly driven by the need to decrease the cost for material, energy and production on one side and the need to increase processing speed, durability, machine utilization and product life time on the other side. The effects of an inhomogeneous web tension profile range from wrinkles, running disruptions to web breaks. Monitoring of the quality of film is currently performed at random by hand. Measuring the web tension profile transverse to the running direction offers a reliable method of determining the quality of films. To generate the necessary adhesion electrostatic charge is used. After charging the web it is passed over a rubber roller.