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Reibmessgerät zur Bestimmung des Gleitreibkoeffizienten von bahnförmigen Packstoffen

Friction testers for determining the dynamic friction of web-shaped packaging materials
: Kayatz, Fabian; Claus, Ronald

Coating international 47 (2014), No.11, pp.15-18
ISSN: 0590-8450
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IVV ()

As the latest results of research demonstrate, the dynamic friction coefficient depends not only on friction combination, but also on velocity, temperature and normal force. Friction testers, as they are readily available on the market, do not allow the determination of the friction coefficient under real process conditions. As part of a research project carried out by the SGE Spezialgeräteentwicklung GmbH, in cooperation with Fraunhofer IW Dresden, a friction tester has been developed, which realizes a velocity of up to 120 m/min, a temperature of up to 100 °C and a normal force of up to 100 N. The related possibility to realize the machine conditions on the testing device allows us to draw conclusions for the real process.