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Mechanical response of TiAl6V4 lattice structures manufactured by selective laser melting in quasistatic and dynamic compression tests

: Merkt, S.; Hinke, C.; Bültmann, J.; Brandt, M.; Xie, Y.M.

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Journal of laser applications : JLA 27 (2015), No.S1, Art. S17006, 7 pp.
ISSN: 1042-346X
ISSN: 1938-1387
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer ILT ()

This paper focusses on the investigation of the mechanical properties of lattice structures manufactured by selective laser melting using contour-hatch scan strategy. The motivation for this research is the systematic investigation of the elastic and plastic deformation of TiAl6V4 at different strain rates. To investigate the influence of the strain rate on the mechanical response (e.g., energy absorption) of TiAl6V4 structures, compression tests on TiAl6V4-lattice structures with different strain rates are carried out to determine the mechanical response from the resulting stress-strain curves. Results are compared to the mechanical response of stainless steel lattice structures (316L). It is shown that heat-treated TiAl6V4 specimens have a larger breaking strain and a lower drop of stress after failure initiation. Main finding is that TiAl6V4 lattice structures show brittle behavior and low energy absorption capabilities compared to the ductile behaving 316L lattice structures. For larger strain rates, ultimate tensile strength of TiAl6V4 structures is more than 20% higher compared to lower strain rates due to cold work hardening.