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D 4.1: Observatory descriptive report

: Menevidis, Zaharya; Hahne, Michael; Ajami, Mohamad; Fairweather, Ben; Smagas, Kostas; Giambene, Giovanni
: Hahne, Michael; Menevidis, Zaharya

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Created on: 23.1.2015

Berlin: Fraunhofer IPK, 2014, 87 pp.
European Commission EC
Report, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IPK ()
RRI; international responsible research and innovation; govermance; forum; observatory; responsibility

Deliverable 4.1 provides the specification for the “Observatory for International Responsible Research and Innovation Coordination”. Its purpose is to enable the implementation of the Observatory in task 4.2. Therefore the technical as well as procedural requirements and prerequisites for the Observatory have been defined in detail. As the Observatory is intended to harness the involvement of the broader network of researchers and innovators, their participation in the design of it should maximise the chances of it being a tool they take ownership of. Therefore the gathering of requirements was not only limited to the description of work but included the expertise of the participants of the Responsibility project and was extended by the integration of feedback from the other current EU RRI project members. Chapter 2 of this deliverable provides an overview of the requirements incorporated in the specification process. As it is good practice in software design use cases have been developed based on these requirements. These have been described in chapter 3. The purpose of use cases is to specify interaction processes, identify variation and failure scenarios as well as technical functionalities and procedural modalities that need an in depth specification. These in depth specifications have been described in chapter 4. They must comprise the input data needed as well as a definition of their output and to where that data will be passed on. Apart from that it contains the specification of the processing of that data, of the interface design and of the information necessary to explain the functionality to the user.