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eneramic© – The mobile SOFC power generator well on its way to commercialization

: Reuber, Sebastian; Pönicke, Andreas; Wunderlich, Christian; Michaelis, Alexander

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Created on: 27.1.2015

Kusnezoff, Mihails (Scientific Advisory Committee) ; European Fuel Cell Forum -EFCF-:
11th European SOFC & SOE Forum 2014. Proceedings and additional information. CD-ROM : 1 - 4 July 2014, Kultur und Kongresszentrum Luzern, Lucerne, Switzerland
Luzern-Adligenswil: European Fuel Cell Forum, 2014
ISBN: 978-3-905592-16-0
Paper A0602, 11 pp.
European Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Forum (SOFC) <11, 2014, Luzern>
International Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and Electrolyser Conference <2014, Luzern>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
SOFC system; Brennstoffzellensystem

Fraunhofer IKTS has developed a mobile power generator, branded eneramic© system, that is now on the way to commercialization. The SOFC LPG-fuelled system is designed as battery-hybrid, thus it is an economic and long-life alternative to existing energy sourcesin the field of industry, security or leisure activities. In these markets portability, simplicity and ease of use have a higher priority than efficiency, much in contrast to stationary applications. Thus the system was designed to run on widely available propane/butanefuels. The simple planar stack design is based on IKTS 3 YSZ electrolyte supported cellsand metal sheet interconnects. Current eneramic© prototypes achieve a net power of100 W at a total volume of 90 liters and a weight of 35 kg. In laboratory environment the system prototypes have been operated up to 7500 h with power degradation rates farbelow 1 % per 1000 h. Cyclability has been deeply tested, currently the stack design sustains between 60 - 90 start/stop cycles. A safety concept has been worked out incooperation with TÜV SÜD based on the IEC62282-3-1 standard. Following these results a small scale manufacturing was established at IKTS to produce an test the latesteneramic© generation under real life conditions. During winter period the propane fuelled hybrid-system charges the lead batteries of a traffic control board. Field testing for caravanand industrial applications starts in June 2014 and results will affect the design of the firsteneramic© product, that will be launched in 2015.