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Heavy laminated timber frames with rigid three-dimensional beam-to-column connections

: Kasal, B.; Guindos, P.; Polocoser, T.; Heiduschke, A.; Urushadze, S.; Pospisil, S.


Journal of performance of constructed facilities 28 (2014), No.6, Art. A4014014, 11 pp.
ISSN: 0887-3828
ISSN: 1943-5509
Journal Article
Fraunhofer WKI ()
beam-to-column connection; drift; earthquake; full scale; hardwood; hysteresis; laminated timber frame; timber

This article presents the seismic performance of a timber frame with three-dimensional (3D) rigid connections. The connections were made with self-tapping screws and hardwood blocks were used to support the beams. The frame was designed to resist high seismic excitations with the goal of controlling the drift. The moment-rotation characteristics of the connections were measured in the laboratory by applying static cyclic loads. The frame made of laminated wood beams and columns, and cross-laminated lumber deck, was subjected to seismic, white noise, snapback, and sinusoidal sweep excitations. The synthetic seismic excitation was designed to contain a considerable amount of energy close to the frame’s first natural frequency. The structure showed no significant damage up to a peak ground acceleration of 1.25g. Failure of the frame occurred due to shearing of the columns with a peak ground acceleration of 1.5g. The designed structure fulfilled with current serviceability limits up to 0.8g.