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Monitoring photooxidation-induced dynamic changes in the volatile composition of extended shelf life bovine milk by PTR-MS

: Beauchamp, Jonathan; Zardin, Erika; Silcock, Patrick; Bremer, Phil J.


Journal of mass spectrometry 49 (2014), No.9, pp.952-958
ISSN: 1076-5174
ISSN: 1375-1494
ISSN: 1096-9888
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IVV ()

Exposure of milk to light leads to photooxidation and the development of off-flavours. To follow these reactions, semi-skimmed (1.5% fat) and whole (3.8% fat) extended shelf life (ESL) bovine milk samples were exposed to fluorescent light for up to 20 h at room temperature, and the volatiles in the samples' headspace were measured in real time using proton-transfer-reaction mass spectrometry (PTR-MS). Compounds tentatively identified as methanethiol, acetone/propanal, pentanal/octanal/nonanal/1-octen-3-ol, hexanal, diacetyl, dimethyl disulphide, heptanal and benzaldehyde displayed dynamic release profiles relating to the changes occurring in milk upon exposure to light.