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Typology of Logistics Strategies and Structures and its Integration in Modelling Commercial Freight Traffic

: Mest, Larissa; Clausen, Uwe

2010, 12 pp.
TRANSLOG Conference <2010, Hamilton>
Fraunhofer IML ()
Commercial freight traffic; Freight Traffic Modelling; Typology; Logistics Systems

In this paper, a typology of logistics strategies and structures for logistics nodes in a supply chain is developed and its integration in commercial freight traffic models is shown. In the typology, three main logistics systems (procurement, production, distribution) are distinguished, based on three main criteria (strategies, structures, objects) with their attributes. The typology is broadened by a fourth system, transport, to describe the in- and outbound vehicle flows. In addition, the importance of defining and positioning studied attributes for implementing the typology in freight traffic models is emphasised. Based on the typology, a model structure is developed which can take into account different aspects of flows and which allows to implement logistics constraints.The organisation of the remainder of this paper is as follows: Section 1 provides background
information on commercial traffic, freight traffic modelling and the impact of logistics on freight transportation. The typology and its attributes are described in Section 2. In Section 3, the model approach is developed. In the final section, conclusions are drawn and next steps are shown.