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Effect of process parameters on structure and piezoelectric properties of AlN and AlXSc1-XN films deposited by pulsed magnetron sputtering

: Barth, Stephan; Bartzsch, Hagen; Glöß, Daniel; Frach, Peter; Zywitzki, Olaf; Herzog, Thomas; Walter, Susan; Heuer, Henning


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers -IEEE-:
IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, IUS 2014 : Chicago, Illinois, USA, 3 - 6 September 2014
Piscataway, NJ: IEEE, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-4799-7049-0 (online)
ISBN: 978-1-4799-7050-6 (print)
International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS) <2014, Chicago/Ill.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
Fraunhofer FEP ()
AlN; AlScN; piezoelectric; sputter deposition; stress control

The paper will report on the deposition and characterization of piezoelectric AlN and AlXSc1-XN films. Potential applications of the films are in ultrasonic microscopy, energy harvesting and SAW/ BAW filters. Special focus will be on the characterization of the influences of sputter parameters on the structure and the piezoelectric properties of AlXSc1-XN.