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Heat capacity of compounds in the CaO-SiO2 system - a review

: Schmetterer, Clemens; Masset, Patrick J.


Journal of phase equilibria and diffusion 33 (2012), No.4, pp.261-275
ISSN: 1547-7037
ISSN: 1863-7345
Journal Article
Fraunhofer UMSICHT Oberhausen ()
ceramic; heat capacity; characterisation; thermodynamic properties

In this work, we will be reviewing and assessing the heat capacity of CaO-SiO2 compounds at constant pressure (Cp) as a function of temperature. While there is a large amount of literature available for CaSiO3 high and low temperature compounds, literature for the remaining compounds Ca3Si2O7, Ca2SiO4 and Ca3SiO5 is scarce. Whereas most of the reports in the literature concerning the heat capacities (Cp) of CaSiO3 are in agreement, some of them do deviate (e.g., for the liquid). Experimental determinations of the heat capacities of the Ca3Si2O7 and Ca3SiO5 phases are particularly scarce. Most of the data were therefore taken from thermodynamic assessments. For Ca2SiO4 there are experimental and modelling results which show some slight deviation in the low temperature part. This review provides the current status of the research on heat capacity of compounds in the CaO-SiO2 system.