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Failure mechanisms in layered composite materials for compressed hydrogen tanks

: Sindelar, R.; Riedel, W.; Schaeuble, R.; Thielicke, B.; Hiermaier, S.

International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies -FISITA-:
FISITA World Automotive Congress 2004. Conference proceedings. CD-ROM
Barcelona, 2004
World Automotive Congress <2004, Barcelona>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWM ()
Fraunhofer EMI ()
compressed hydrogen tan; carbon fibre reinforced plastic; failure mechanism; finite element simulation

Storage systems for compressed hydrogen used in automotive applications are internally sealed by a diffusion barrier made of polyethylene or aluminium reinforced by a layer of several millimetres thick carbon fiber composite. A layer of impact resistant glass fiber covers the pressure vessel against external impact damage on the carbon shell. For safety reasons tank systems are qualified by several standardized tests. The main reason for these tests is to ensure that nocatas trophic failure of the tank could occur. Investigation on catastrophic failure of high performance composite materials was undertaken by testing and numerical simulation. Here the influence of preload during penetration of the laminate was investigated. A report of the current research is given.