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A process-oriented supply chain event management system with disruption repair support

: Clausen, Uwe; Wiedenbruch, Alexander

Bundesvereinigung Logistik e.V. -BVL-, Bremen:
Logistics in the Networked Industry : 7th International Scientific Symposium on Logistics, 4.-5. Juni 2014, Köln; Conference Papers
Köln, 2014
International Scientific Symposium on Logistics <7, 2014, Köln>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IML ()
Supply Chain Event Management; event; disruption; process-orientation; disruption repair support

The paper presents a Supply Chain Event Management System (SCEMS) that is process-oriented and provides a decision support for mitigating transport related disruptions. The paper shows that no full-featured process-oriented SCEMS exists despite the strong focus on business processes in enterprises. Also existing SCEMS do not support the search of solutions to transport related disruptions. The potentials of a process-oriented SCEMS with disruption repair support are discussed in this paper together with requirements. These requirements are used to design a SCEMS. A short evaluation shows the feasibility of the concepts.