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Computationally Efficient SH-Wave Modeling in Transversely Isotropic Media

: Spies, M.


Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation 19 (2000), No.2, pp.43-54
ISSN: 0195-9298
ISSN: 1573-4862
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
electromagnetic transducer; shear horizontal wave; anisotropy; modeling; ultrasonic testing; filed profile

Based on the description of shear horizontal (SH) wave propagation in arbitrarily oriented transversely isotropic media, radiation characteristics of ultrasonic transducers for this wave type are determined. The radiated wavefields are obtained by point source superposition, making use of an analytical relationship for the wave propagation direction as a function of the spatial coordinates. Approximate formulae are given for the radiation characteristics of circular and rectangular transducers in the far-field, which are in a form similar to the isotropic material case. Focusing on transversely isotropic weld metal specimens and unidirectional composites, numerical evaluation is performed for normal-incidence probes as well as for electromagnetic acoustic transducers.