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Mobiles Trägersystem für mindestens ein zur zerstörungsfreien Prüfung ausgebildetes Sensorelement

Mobile support system for at least one for sensor element for non-destructive testing
: Szielasko, Klaus; Kurz, Jochen; Hussain, Wajahat

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DE 102013000685 A1: 20130111
Patent, Electronic Publication
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US2014197829A The invention relates to a mobile carrier system for at least one sensor element for testing test objects having convex surfaces. The system is provided for testing test objects that are at least made of ferromagnetic material. For this purpose, two first rollers are attached to a frame, the rotational axes of which are oriented parallel to each other and at a distance from each other. The distance of the two first rollers can be varied, and one of the two first rollers is attached to a carriage, which can be moved perpendicularly to the rotational axes of the two first. rollers. A drive for raising and lowering the first rollers is present on the two first rollers. Two pairs of second rollers are attached to the frame between the two first rollers. At least one pair of the second rollers comprises a rotary drive.