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Verfahren zur Verbesserung der Benetzbarkeit einer rotierenden Elektrode in einer Gasentladungslampe

Method for improving the wetting properties of a rotary electrode in a gas discharge lamp
: Bergmann, Klaus; Prümmer, Ralf

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DE 102013000407 A1: 20130111
Patent, Electronic Publication
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US2014197726A The present invention relates to a method for improving the wettability of a rotating electrode with a liquid medium in a discharge lamp, in particular for the production of EUV radiation or soft X-rays, and a correspondingly designed gas discharge lamp. In the method, the edge surface of the rotating electrode to which the liquid medium is applied is microstructured by means of external processing. This microstructure significantly improves the wettability of the edge surface for the liquid medium. Furthermore, the distribution of the liquid medium over the edge surface can be controlled selectively by suitable choice of the microstructure.