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Vorrichtung zur Herstellung von thermoplastischen und/oder thermoelastischen Polymer-Formteilen

Apparatus for manufacturing thermoplastic and/or thermo-elastic part with fibers and polymer molded parts, has melting part made to flow from melt accumulator chamber into injection chamber with predetermined receiving volume
: Diemert, Jan; Huber, Timo; Roch, Alexander; Anselment, Christian

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DE 102012025138 A1: 20121221
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The apparatus has a plasticizing unit (1) whose outlet (5) is opened into a melt accumulator chamber (16) that upstream opens an injection chamber (17) into which an injection nozzle (7) opens. The nozzle is remotely arranged in a side of the injection chamber, and open and closing shut-off device (18) is arranged between the accumulator chamber and the injection chamber to connect the accumulator chamber with the injection chamber. A melting part is made to flow from the accumulator chamber into the injection chamber with a predetermined receiving volume.