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Optical Receiver and Method for Receiving Optical Signals

: Weinert, Carl Michael

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WO EP74341 : 20121204
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention relates to an optical receiver comprising: An entry surface (15) being adapted to receive an optical signal (2) from a free beam, at least one optical fiber (10) being adapted to guide said optical signal (2), the optical fiber (10) comprising at least one core (18) having a first refractive index (nl) and a cladding (19) having a second refractive index (n2), and a first longitudinal portion (11) being adjacent to the entry surface (15), wherein the core (18) has a first diameter and a second longitudinal portion (12), longitudinally and sequentially positioned after said first longitudinal portion (11), wherein the diameter of the core (18) is decreasing from the first diameter to a second diameter, and a third longitudinal portion (13), longitudinally and sequentially positioned after said second longitudinal portion (12), wherein the core (18) has the second diameter, and feedback control (40) being adapted to control driving means (50) being adapted to nutate and/or to shift and/or to tilt the optical fiber (10) so that the optical power transmitted through the third longitudinal portion (13) of the optical fiber (10) is maximized. Furthermore, the invention relates to a method for receiving optical signals.