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Verfahren zum Befüllen elektrochemischer Zellen

: Thönnessen, Torge; Neumann, Gerold

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DE 102012109032 A1: 20120925
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention relates to a method for filling a battery or storage battery film bag with fluid and closing this bag, said method comprising the steps:- (a) providing a flexible film bag, in the interior of which the solid components (8; 31) of the battery or the storage battery are situated, wherein the film bag, with the exception of a sealable inlet (11, 12) for fluid is tightly closed; - (b) placing the film bag into a chamber (21) that can be closed so as to be gas-tight and closing the chamber so as to be gas-tight; - (c) after step (b), generating a vacuum in the film bag; - (d) connecting the fluid inlet on the film bag in a sealing manner to a fluid source container (17) via a connecting line (14; 29); - (e) after step (d), completely filling the interior of the bag with fluid via the connecting line; and - (f) hermetically closing the film bag by creating a seam (10; 36), wherein either - (i) the seam is created such that in the process the fluid inlet connected to the connecting line is disconnected from the interior of the film bag and the connecting line is subsequently detached from the fluid inlet; or (ii) the seam runs through the connecting line; and - (g) cutting off the film and/or line parts (37) located outside the seam.