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Eisspeicher mit verbessertem Wärmetauscher

Ice storage for cooling environment or for cooling of foodstuffs and for production of ice, comprises container and heat exchanger, which is elastic conduit element that has outer surface with coating having anti ice adhesion characteristic
: Heilemann, Sascha; Haupt, Michael; Oehr, Christian

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DE 102012208941 A1: 20120529
Patent, Electronic Publication
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DE102012208941A1 Die Erfindung betrifft Eisspeicher, umfassend einen Behaelter und einen in dem Behaelter angeordneten Waermetauscher, wobei der Waermetauscher (40) ein elastisches Leitungselement ist.


The ice storage (100) comprises a container (50) and a heat exchanger (40) arranged in the container. The heat exchanger is an elastic conduit element. The elastic conduit element comprises an outer surface with a coating having anti ice adhesion characteristic. The coating has a thickness of 10 to 200 nanometer and comprises 15 to 75 atom percentage of fluorine, and 25 to 85 atom percentage of the other components. The coating has polymeric fluorocarbon layers and a patterning, particularly in the form of a dot or line pattern. Independent claims are included for the following: (1) a method for production of ice using an ice storage; and (2) a method for cooling the environment or objects using an ice storage.