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Verfahren und Gerät zur Ganganalyse und/oder zur Gangrehabilitation

Method for visual representation of gait parameters in line with device-supported gait therapy using sensor element for measurement of forces or moments, involves measuring exerted forces or moments
: Hussein, Sami; Schmidt, Henning; Brüning, Matthias

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DE 102011106228 A1: 20110629
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The method involves measuring the exerted forces or moments. The measured forces or moments are evaluated in real time. A gait parameter is visually represented as feedback for the user. The visual representation of gait parameters takes place by an animation, particularly self-explanatory animation. The gait parameter includes a force profile, a temporal symmetry, a force symmetry, a foot lift or weight distribution. An independent claim is included for a device for gait analysis or gait rehabilitation.