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Steuervorrichtung zur Steuerung drachenartiger Flugkörper und Fluggerätesystem mit einer derartigen Steuervorrichtung

Control device for controlling kite-like flying body of aircraft system, has steering element rotatably arranged at base body around axis, which lies in plane that is perpendicularly cut by connecting passage between cable guide elements
: Montnacher, Joachim; Goetz, Jürgen; Eicher, Frank

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DE 102011104825 A1: 20110620
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The device has a control unit arranged on a base body (1) and connected with a kite-like flying body by a control cable (3a). Cable guide elements (5a, 5b) for the control cable are arranged on a steering element (4) at a distance relative to each other. The steering element is rotatably arranged at the base body around a rotational axis (45). The rotational axis lies in a plane, which is perpendicularly cut by a connecting passage between the cable guide elements. A drive (7) rotates the steering element. The control cables are deflected on the steering element. An independent claim is also included for an aircraft system.