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Entwicklungsstand und -trends bei den Lacktrocknungs- und Härtungsverfahren

State of the Art and Trends in Paint Drying and Curing Techniques
: Schneider, M.; Strohbeck, U.

Danish Academy of Technical Sciences -ATV-; Danish Society of Process and Production Engineering -SEMAPP-:
Lakering af trae og andre temperaturfolsomme materialer : ATV SEMAPP Seminar, 1. November 2000, Billund, Dänemark
Lyngby, Dänemark, 2000
Seminar Lakering af Trae og andre Temperaturfolsomme Materialer <2000, Billund, Dänemark>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
paint; curing; drying; IR-Trocknung; Umlufttrockner; UV-Strahlenhärtung; Elektronenstrahlhärtung; Mikrowellentrocknung; Lack; Trocknung; Härten

The steadily increasing pressure of costs and quality as well as the use of low-solvent or solvent-free paints in wood and plastic coating lead to an increasing interest in alternative drying and curing techniques. What is needed in plant optimization and new plannings is an integrated approach for a reliable evaluation of the different technologies. The pros and cons of the different drying and curing techniques as well as the state of the art and trends are presented in this paper.