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Requirements of inverted roofs with a drainage layer

: Leimer, H.-P.; Rode, C.; Künzel, H.M.; Bednar, T.

Iceland Building Research Institute -IBRI-, Reykjavik; Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm:
7th Nordic Symposium on Building Physics in the Nordic Countries 2005. Proceedings. Vol. 1 : Reykjavik, June 13-15, 2005
Reykjavik: IBRI, 2005
ISBN: 9979-9174-4-X
Nordic Symposium on Building Physics in the Nordic Countries <7, 2005, Reykjavik>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IBP ()

This contribution illustrates the application of the standard EN ISO 6946 regarding the heat loss of an inverted roof for different regions of Europe. An addendum to the standard (EN.ISO 6946:19961 Al, 2003) introduces a correction to the thermal transmittance of inverted roofs due to rain water flowing between the insulation and the waterproofing membrane. It is possible to calculate the extra heat loss of inverted roofs caused by rain water below the heat insulation. The extra heat loss depends on the average rainfall and on which fraction of the rain water that will drain between the waterproofing membrane and the thermal insulation. This paper explains the application of the standard for areas of Europe. Furthermore, some constructions are proposed, which have such small extra heat losses caused by rain water that they may be disregarded in the calculation.