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Energy efficiency through industrial automation. IEC Technical Report 62837

Presentation held at International Symposium on Industrial Energy Saving Technologies, July 11, 2014, Shenyang, China
: Hörcher, Günter

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2014, 30 Folien
International Symposium on Industrial Energy Saving Technologies <2014, Shenyang>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
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energy efficiency; IEC TR 62837; IEC 62264; Energieeffizienz; Industrie; Fertigungssystem

The first edition of the IEC Technical Report 62837 "Energy Efficiency Through Automation Systems" was published in September 2013. The IEC TR 62837 is not a standard itself but gives guidelines to Technical Committees how to implement energy efficiency aspects into their standardisation work in a standardised way.
Based on the structural concepts of manufacturing systems described in IEC 62264 it defines generic models, tools, and methods to be applied for the improvement of energy efficiency in manufacturing systems by using intelligent industrial automation. The unit process model defined in ISO 20140 was taken as a blueprint to develop the "energy managed unit" EMU as a tool for analysing and controlling parts of a manufacturing system regarding their energy efficiency.