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Plant molecular pharming for the treatment of chronic and infectious diseases

: Stoger, E.; Fischer, R.; Moloney, M.; Ma, J.K.C.


Merchant, S.S.:
Annual Review of Plant Biology 2014
Palo Alto, Calif.: Annual Reviews, 2014 (Annual Review of Plant Biology 65)
ISBN: 978-0-8243-0665-6
Book Article
Fraunhofer IME ()

Plant molecular pharming has emerged as a niche technology for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products indicated for chronic and infectious diseases, particularly for products that do not fit into the current industry-favored model of fermenter-based production campaigns. In this review, we explore the areas where molecular pharming can make the greatest impact, including the production of pharmaceuticals that have novel glycan structures or that cannot be produced efficiently in microbes or mammalian cells because they are insoluble or toxic. We also explore the market dynamics that encourage the use of molecular pharming, particularly for pharmaceuticals that are required in small amounts (such as personalized medicines) or large amounts (on a multi-ton scale, such as blood products and microbicides) and those that are needed in response to emergency situations (pandemics and bioterrorism). The impact of molecular pharming will increase as the platforms become standardized and optimized through adoption of good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards for clinical development, offering a new opportunity to produce inexpensive medicines in regional markets that are typically excluded under current business models.