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Smart objects in accessible warehouses for the visually impaired

: Große-Puppendahl, Tobias; Weiss, Justus; Weiss, Pia; Herber, Sebastian; Lienert, Hans-Jörg

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Schnelle-Walka, Dirk (Ed.) ; TU Darmstadt:
3rd IUI Workshop on Interacting with Smart Objects 2014. Proceedings : February 2014, Haifa, Israel
Darmstadt, 2014
Workshop on Interacting with Smart Objects <3, 2014, Haifa>
International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI) <19, 2014, Haifa>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Ambient Assisted Living AAL; smart environments; smart home; smart objects; capacitive sensors; Business Field: Digital society; Research Area: Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

The inclusion of persons with handicaps in working life is of increasing importance as equality for both disabled and non-disabled persons is a long-term goal in modern societies. Regardless of physical disabilities, the pursuit of a career suited to personal aptitude is an important concern of every individual. The demand for inclusive design and accessible workplaces is thus great, especially in consideration of the aging European society. In this work-in-progress paper, we investigate the use of smart objects for workplaces of visually handicapped persons. Based on our observations with a commissioning system in production use, we developed a concept for an accessible warehouse by integrating wireless sensor nodes into compartments, boxes and objects. We intend to equip these smart objects with various sensory and actuating technologies, which leverage a time-efficient and easily accessible commissioning process in a warehouse.