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Enabling the MSG-048 multinational demonstration 2007 with the command and control lexical grammar and JBML web services

: Pullen, M.; Hieb, M.R.; Schade, U.; Kruger, K.; Frey, M.; Orichel, T.

NATO, Science and Technology Organization:
How is Modelling and Simulation Meeting the Defence Challenges out to 2015? : Papers presented at the NATO RTO Modelling and Simulation Group Conference held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on 7 and 8 October 2008
Neuilly-sur-Seine: NATO, RTO, 2008 (RTO-TR-MSG 060)
Paper 7, 14 pp.
NATO, Research and Technology Organisation, Modelling and Simulation Group (Conference) <2008, Vancouver>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer FKIE

Recent developments in Command and Control (C2) to Modeling and Simulation (M&S) interoperability have shown excellent potential to enable a range of coalition C2 and M&S systems to interoperate for training and mission rehearsal. NATO MSG Technical Activity (TA) MSG-048 was chartered to determine the applicability of Battle Management Language (BML) in coalition C2-M&S interoperability. MSG-048 held a very successful demonstration of BML in 2007, showing an interoperable system of systems including three national C2 systems and three national simulation systems. The core technologies enabling this interoperation were the Command and Control Lexical Grammar (C2LG) and the Joint Battle Management (JBML) schema and Web services, developed by the organizations authoring this paper. This paper describes the theoretical and practical basis of the C2LG and how it has been used to define the XML schema used in JBML for C2-M&S interoperation. A Graphical User Interface developed for the Grammar (C2LG-GUI) proved highly effective as an aid to integration. In developing the demonstration, it was important to document the relationship of the BML with the underlying Joint Command, Control and Consultation Information Exchange Data Model (JC3IEDM). Finally, the advantages of performing system development based on an Internet Reference Implementation are described.