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Leichtbau mit Aluminium-Schweißverbindungen des Fahrzeugbaus

: Morgenstern, C.; Streicher, M.; Oppermann, H.

Materialprüfung 47 (2005), No.7-8, pp.411-416
ISSN: 0025-5300
Journal Article
Fraunhofer LBF ()
Aluminium-Schweißverbindung; korrosive Umgebungsbedingung; variable Belastungsamplitude; LEICHTBAUKONSTRUKTION; ALUMINIUM; SCHWEISSVERBINDUNG; FAHRZEUGBAU; KORROSIONSMEDIUM; BEANSPRUCHUNG

The structural durability design of welded aluminium components in the vehicle industry is based on the knowledge of the mechanical variable amplitude service loadings as well as the fatigue strength reducing influence of salt spray corrosion. The potential of light-weight constructions can be enlarged by using the higher durability under variable amplitude loadings compared to constant amplitude loadings and the lower influence of the corrosion on fatigue strength under variable amplitude loadings. Furthermore, the shape of the load sequence and the damaging effect of mean load fluctuations, particularly with regard to the influence of corrosion, must be taken into account. With the knowledge of the real damage sums, depending on the load sequence, the mean load fluctuations and the mean stress sensitivity, it is possible to design a light-weight component. Safety relevant welded aluminium components are subject to the manufacturers liability and considered as prime components. Failure in the service must be excluded through appropriated dimensioning considering mechanical and corrosive loadings.