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Durability transfer concept for the monitoring of load and stress conditions on vehicles

: Rupp, A.; Masieri, A.; Dornbusch, T.

Innovative Automotive Technology. IAT 2005 Conference and Exibition. Proceedings : Bled, Slovenia, 21-22. April 2005
Bled, 2005
ISBN: 961-6238-95-7
Conference and Exhibition "Innovative Automotive Technology" (IAT 2005) <2005, Bled, Slovenia>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer LBF ()
monitoring; durability evaluation; online processing; LOADING; FATIGUE LIFE; STRESS; VEHICLE CONSTRUCTION

With the durability transfer concept a nwe methodology is presented, in which the fatigue damage under oportinal loading conditions in different areasof a vehicle can be determined from the accelerations measured on the suspension.....