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Towards modeling innovation driven export potentials for OECD and Newly Industrializing countries - an explanatory study for wind turbines

Paper presented at Globelics 2012: Innovation and Development: Opportunities and Challenges in Globalisation, 10th GLOBELICS International Conference, 9-11 November 2012, Hangzhou, China
: Walz, Rainer; Krail, Michael

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2012, 26 pp.
International Conference "Innovation and Development - Opportunities and Challenges in Globalisation" <10, 2012, Hangzhou>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
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wind energy; lead market; first mover advantage; absorptive capacity; trade pattern; economic development; system dynamics model

Markets for more environmentally products and services have been recognized as major areas of growth in modern economies. An important argument is that countries and/or industrial sectors which develop eco-innovations will gain several advantages. They will be well placed to export goods into the expanding international markets for clean intermediate and consumption goods, thus securing economic growth and generating new employment. Also, they will have the potential for a major reduction in their need for fossil fuels and other raw materials, vital to the functioning of the economy. Traditionally, it is thought that countries of the North will be the supplier of ecoinnovations. However, with increasing globalization, there is growing strength of the technological capabilities in some countries of the South.
The paper explores the concepts of an innovation driven export potential, and presents the different factors which have to be taken into account. A system dynamicsbased modeling tool for wind energy technologies is presented which takes the various factors of export success into account.