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CoMEdiA. A cooperative HyperMedia editing architecture - the problem of the cooperative access

: Hornung, C.; Santos, A.

Kjelldahl, L. ; European Association for Computer Graphics -EUROGRAPHICS-:
Multimedia. Systems, interaction and applications : 1st Eurographics Workshop, Stockholm, Sweden, April 18/19, 1991
Berlin: Springer, 1992 (Eurographic Seminars. Tutorials and Perspectives in Computer Graphics)
ISBN: 3-540-55201-4
ISBN: 0-387-55201-4
Eurographics Workshop on Multimedia <1, 1991, Stockholm>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Cooperative access; cooperative work; distributed processing; Hyper feature; information edition; Multimedia

We describe CoMEdiA, a Cooperative hyperMedia Editing Architecture. CoMEdiA is a software tool that has been conceived having as main guidlines: cooperative work, multimedia data, hyper features, distributed processing and information edition. Using CoMEdiA users compete for the access of an information server in order to manage the cooperative edition of multimedia data. A first prototype with some of the above features is already implemented and the implementation is described.
We have partitioned this paper in the following manner. In the first section we will describe the problem that we are trying to solve. In the second we give an overview of CoMEdiA. In the third we describe the architecture and in the fourth we will present the algorithm that is used to solve the problems posed by the access. Finally we mention our intentions concerning future work and draw some conclusions.