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Manufacture and testing of thermoelectric modules consisting of BxC and TiOx elements

: Feng, Bing; Martin, Hans-Peter; Börner, Floriana-Dana; Lippmann, Wolfgang; Schreier, Max; Vogel, Karin; Lenk, Andreas; Veremchuk, Igor; Dannowski, Marcel; Richter, Christin; Pfeiffer, Peter; Zikoridse, Gennadi; Lichte, Hannes; Grin, Juri; Hurtado, Antonio; Michaelis, Alexander


Advanced engineering materials 16 (2014), No.10, pp.1252-1263
ISSN: 1438-1656
ISSN: 1615-7508
European Commission EC
FP7; SAB 13923/2379
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
Titanoxid; Borcarbid; thermoelektrisches Modul; Phasenzusammensetzung; Laser; keramischer Werkstoff; Simulation; Laserfügen; rich boron carbides; ceramics; TI2O3; boron carbide; titanium oxides; titanium alloys; titanium suboxide

The synthesis and production of thermoelectrical active ceramic materials, the concepts of the module design by simulation, the assembly of modules by laser joining, and the investigations concerning the operation modes are described in this paper. Investigations of the material structure, the phase composition, and the thermoelectrical properties illustrate the material development. The newly developed technological route is described. The simulated results of thermoelectric modules for operational cases are compared with gained experimental data.