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Morphology of time data management - systematic design of time data management processes as fundamental challenge in industrial engineering

: Kuhlang, Peter; Sihn, Wilfried; Erohin, Olga; Krebs, Matthias; Deuse, Jochen


International journal of industrial and systems engineering : IJISE 16 (2014), No.4, pp.415-432
ISSN: 1748-5037
ISSN: 1748-5045
Journal Article
Fraunhofer Austria ()
industrial engineering; Morphologie; Zeitdatenmanagement; Zeitmanagement; Zeitwirtschaft

During the last 10 to 15 years, a renaissance of industrial engineering can be observed in manufacturing industry, as well as in scientific research. As a consequence, time and motion studies (TMS) become more important again. During the downturn of methodical approaches in industrial engineering in the 1980s, TMS-related competencies were lost in industry. Many companies are still missing the know-how for establishing a proper time data management (TDM). This paper presents a morphology of time data management (MoTDM), which was developed in order to create a comprehensive view on the processes of TDM as well as to detect relevant areas of improvement. The MoTDM can be used to optimise TDM processes within a company and also acts as scientific fundament for research in the field of industrial engineering.