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A laboratory X-ray microscopy setup using a field emission electron source and micro-structured reflection targets

: Stahlhut, P.; Ebensperger, T.; Zabler, S.; Hanke, R.


Nuclear instruments and methods in physics research, Section B. Beam interactions with materials and atoms 324 (2014), pp.4-10
ISSN: 0168-583X
International Conference on Tomography of Materials and Structures (ICTMS) <1, 2013, Ghent>
Journal Article, Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IIS ()

We present a computed tomography (CT) setup for materials characterization with significantly improved resolution as compared to state of the art mirco- or sub-CT systems. The system presented here is composed of a customized JEOL JSM7100-F scanning electron microscope with a thermal field-emission electron source allowing to focus an intense electron beam onto specially designed micro-structured reflection target thereby further reducing the size of the X-ray source spot by reducing the electron interaction zone and thus reducing image blur at high magnifications. With the proposed setup geometric magnifications up to M = 1000 and spatial resolutions down to 100 nm can be achieved. We also demonstrate the phase contrast capabilities of the setup.