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Capability of combined thermal spray and laser coating centers to improve production efficiency

: Wank, Andreas; Beck, Frank; Schläfer, Thomas; Nowotny, Steffen; Brückner, Frank; Hillig, Holger; Pfennig, Martin; Thieme, Sebastian

Welding and cutting 13 (2014), No.2, pp.100-102
ISSN: 1612-3433
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IWS ()
Continuous Casting; laser-cladding process; treatment process; coatings

Novel coating centers permit control of both thermal spray and laser based surface treatment processes. Laser cladding production rates and efficiencies can be improved by substrate or feedstock preheating techniques. The benefit of these techniques compared to the basic laser cladding process are presented and evaluated concerning their impact on industrial production. Specific advantages are demonstrated for industrial applications like hydraulic pistons, continuous casting copper molds and pot rolls for continuous galvanizing lines in steel mills.