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Laser component e.g. dye laser, for use in optical communication field, has optical grating that serves over entire length of surface of substrate, where grating and medium together posses function of distributed feedback laser component

: Döring, Sebastian; Kollosche, Matthias; Stumpe, Joachim; Kofod, Guggi

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DE 102011000941 A: 20110225
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The component has an elastomeric dielectric substrate (5) provided opposite to a planar, opposite polarized electrodes pair (4), where a surface (6) of the substrate is stretched and/or tossed during application of voltage to the electrodes pair. An optical grating serves as resonator structure of a laser, which serves over entire length (L) of the surface of the substrate. The optical grating and a lasant medium together posses the function of a distributed feedback (DFB) laser component.