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Flexible multilayered circuit substrate, has flexible film substrates with opposing main surfaces, where bonding material of specific thickness is applied at connecting areas for separating flexible film substrates

: Faul, Robert; Drost, Andreas

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DE 102011003622 A: 20110203
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The substrate (10) has two flexible film substrates with opposing main surfaces whose portions (12) are connected to each other at respective connecting areas (32, 34) by bonding material e.g. adhesive material and solder material, where the connecting areas are disconnected and are separated from the other connecting area at a distance (B0) that is larger than maximum dimension (A0) of the connecting area. The bonding material has specific thickness at the connecting areas for separating the flexible film substrates. The connecting areas are circular, oval or rectangular in shape. An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is also included for a method for producing a flexible multi-layered circuit substrate.