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A model-based approach toward executable middleware architecture for tactical C2IS

: Jansen, N.; Krämer, D.; Spielmann, M.

NATO, Science and Technology Organization:
Architecture Definition and Evaluation. Définition et évaluation des architectures : Papers presented at the STO Information Systems Technology Panel (IST) Symposium held in Toulouse, France on 13-14 May 2013
Tallinn: NATO, 2013 (STO Meeting Proceedings MP-IST-115)
ISBN: 978-92-837-0194-1
Paper 14
Symposium on Architecture Definition and Evaluation <2013, Toulouse>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer FKIE

The paper illustrates the elementary steps underlying model/architecture transformations, such as matching, refinement, extension, and reduction. To this end, a high-level model of a tactical middleware is embedded into the system architecture of an existing land C2IS solution: the middleware model is used as guidance (or reference) for transforming the system architecture of the target system into the system architecture of an enhanced system (i.e., the system enriched with middleware functionality). To demonstrate feasibility of the transformation, a prototype of the enriched system has been implemented. The implementation closely relates to both our middleware model and the system architecture of the target system, and is in this sense model-driven.