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Photovoltaic module used in photovoltaic concentrator system, has optic element that is arranged in sunlight irradiating direction, comprising frequency changing material to change frequency of incident sunlight

: Peters, M.; Peharz, G.; Goldschmidt, J.C.; Löper, P.

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DE 102010014631 A: 20100412
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The module has a three-fold solar cell (4) and an optic element that is arranged in a sunlight irradiating direction, adjacent to the solar cell. The optic element has a frequency changing material to change the frequency of the incident sunlight. The frequency changing material is made of fluorescent dyes, phosphorescence dye, metal particle, and nano-particle. The solar cell has a primary concentrator (1) and a secondary concentrator (2). An optical transparent matrix is arranged in the secondary concentrator, and made of glass ceramics, silicones and plastics.