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Method for thermal, catalytic and regenerative afterburning of exhaust gas loaded with organic compounds, involves bringing in contact exhaust gas with alumina, where exhaust gas is loaded with organosilicon compounds

: Urban, Wolfgang; Lohmann, Heiko; Salazar Gómez, Jorge Iván

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DE 102010027332 A: 20100715
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The method involves bringing in contact the exhaust gas (A) with alumina (4). The exhaust gas is loaded with organosilicon compounds. The organosilicon compounds are selectively precipitated on alumina as silica or silicate. The organic compounds remained in the exhaust gas are oxidized after precipitation of organosilicon compounds. Alumina is used primarily in the modification of the gamma-alumina or boehmite. An independent claim is also included for a combustion device for thermal, catalytic regenerative afterburning.