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Competency management system for use with e.g. data management system for managing competency to competitive ability of e.g. enterprise, has adjuster changing target condition in dependence upon value of correlation

: Klett, F.

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DE 102010000873 A: 20100113
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The system (100) has a learning progress examiner (150) for examining learning success and provides quantitative learning success information, which describes a learning success based on a learning plan. A selection- condition-adjuster (160) forms a correlation between the quantitative learning success information and information about whether a selected lecturer meets numerical given target condition or not. The adjuster changes a target condition or numerical minimum requirement in dependence upon a value of correlation. Independent claims are also included for the following: (1) a method for operating an authority management system (2) a computer program for performing a method for operating an authority management system.