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Electrical Characterization of InAs/(GaIn)Sb infrared superlattice photodiodes for the 8 to 12 µm range

Elektrische Charakterisierung von InAs/(GaIn)Sb Infrarot Übergitterdioden für den Wellenlängenbereich zwischen 8 und 12 µm
: Bürkle, L.; Fuchs, F.; Kiefer, R.; Pletschen, W.; Sah, R.E.; Schmitz, J.

Manasreh, M.O.:
Infrared Applications of Semiconductors III
Pittsburgh, Pa.: MRS, 2000 (Materials Research Society symposia proceedings 607)
ISBN: 1-558-99515-3
Symposium on Infrared Applications of Semiconductors <3, 1999, Boston/Mass.>
Materials Research Society (Fall Meeting) <1999, Boston/Mass.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IAF ()
infrared photodiode; Infrarotphotodiode; InAs/(GaIn)Sb superlattice; InAs/(GaIn)Sb Übergitter; surface leakage current; Oberflächenleckstrom

InAs/(GaIn)Sb superlattice photodiodes with a cutoff wavelength of 8.7 mu m show a dynamic impedance of R(0)A = 1.5 k omega cm2 at 77 K and a responsivity of 2 A/W, corresponding to a detectivity of D* = 1 x 10 (exp 12) cm (root of Hz/W). Diffusion limited performance is observed above 100 K. At lower temperatures the diodes are limited by generation-recombination currents. An analysis of the influence of different diode sidewall passivations on the surface contribution to the diode leakage current is presented. The out-of-plane electron mobility as well as the relative contributions of the electron and hole diffusion currents to the diode current were determined by a measurement of the magnetic field dependence of the reverse saturation current density of the diodes.