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Improving machining performance of in-use machine tools with active damping devices

Produktivitätssteigerung von Werkzeugmaschinen durch aktive Dämpfung
: Law, Mohit; Wabner, Markus; Frieß, Uwe; Ihlenfeldt, Steffen; Zander, Georg

Neugebauer, Reimund; Drossel, Welf-Guntram ; Fraunhofer-Institut für Werkzeugmaschinen und Umformtechnik -IWU-, Chemnitz:
Innovations of sustainable production for green mobility. Energy-efficient technologies in production. Pt.1 : 3rd International Chemnitz Manufacturing Colloquium, ICMC 2014; 3rd International Colloquium of the Cluster of Excellence, eniPROD; Proceedings
Zwickau: Verlag Wissenschaftliche Scripten, 2014 (Berichte aus dem IWU 80)
ISBN: 978-3-95735-004-6 (Pt.1)
ISBN: 978-3-95735-005-3 (Pt.2)
International Chemnitz Manufacturing Colloquium (ICMC) <3, 2014, Chemnitz>
International Colloquium of the Cluster of Excellence (eniPROD) <3, 2014, Chemnitz>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWU ()
active damping; aktive Dämpfung; Rattern; chatter; simulation; Mechatronik; Adaptronik

Machine tool productivity is governed by machining stability of the system, which varies as a function of the position of the machine in the workspace. To enhance machine tool performance over the entire workspace, this paper presents an approach that integrates an active damping device to increase the dynamic stiffness of structural modes that limit productivity. The actuator is sized and selected based on defined performance objectives of an increase in productivity. Device performance is simulated and validated experimentally, and it is demonstrated that improvements of up to 22% in productivity and part surface quality is possible with such devices.